7. If “Thoughts Think Themselves,” Does That Mean “Doodles Doodle Themselves?”

“Doodles doodle themselves” sounds a bit obscene. That’s not what I’m going for. I’m continue to wonder how some doodles seem to emerge with relatively little conscious effort. Drawings do sometimes seem to draw themselves. I’ve suggested that there’s a negotiation going on between the subconscious and the conscious about the content and that our intention affects the results.


But “muscle memory” seems to be a player here too. If you do an activity regularly enough –sports, music, driving, tying shoelaces –anything that requires the development of skill –you can do it without a lot of conscious attention. That’s a part of the doodle process too. With cartooning you can get to a point where you just start drawing and it’s as if your hand takes over.

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But the danger here is that you can get in a rut quite quickly. To add to your skills, you have to keep challenging yourself.

Bunny's Used Cars   Accessorize

In my experience anyway, comic books don’t ever really draw themselves. There’s a lot of work involved.


CS Notebook page
An entire “Chimera Spoor Notebook” page. The notebook supplies most of the doodles I’ve used in this blog.

Speaking of comic books, I continue to tinker with Multiverse Comics and Stories. I’ve added a new “Chimera” drawing to the table of contents page:

Chimera toc

This image and the two new “Cast of Character” pages I’ve added to the comic book won’t be in the digital edition that will hopefully be up for sale by the end of March. To add them, I’d have to submit the entire comic all over again, and I really don’t want to do that! Whatever improvements I may make I hope will be reflected in a hard copy edition –if I can find a publisher who’s interested. It’s great that in the comiXology agreement I retain all the rights and am welcome to search for another publisher.

In fact, I just submitted a sample of the comic to Drawn & Quarterly, one of the world’s best comic publishers. Drawn & Quarterly publishes an truly impressive group of world-class cartoonists. They are the only publisher I’ve found so far who actually encourages submissions of low-resolution samples by email. In fact, that’s the only way new artists can submit. My chances are probably nil, but I might as well aim high!

Next time, I’ll post one of the individual profiles of the characters from the two new pages and start to introduce you to the cast of the comic.

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