8. Comic for Sale

Walking on Clouds
Walking in the Clouds…

ComiXology informed me yesterday that my comic will be available for sale next Wednesday, starting sometime between 9 and 10 am. This is much sooner than I had anticipated from the pertinent FAQ. They provided me with a link, but cautioned that I should make sure it works before I share it with anyone.

They also provided a little box, enclosed with a dotted line which includes the image of the comic’s front cover and a detailed description of each story. I’d almost forgotten I’d written it. They suggest I copy it all and paste it into Tumblr.

There’s also a sample Twitter post I can use or modify and #cXSubmit is evidently a Twitter feed that goes to all the “comiXology Submit” creators –evidently “lone wolf” comic makers like myself.

It makes sense that an e-Comic should be promoted using electronically facilitated social media. Up to now, I’ve managed to avoid most of these “e-stablishments,” but now I must face the e-multitudes and stride bravely into the e-future. So, I’ve been trying today to get up and running. I’ve still got Twitter (shudder!) to do.

For an introvert like myself, this sort of remote connection should be a blessing. When I tried my hand many decades ago at freelance illustration, there were no such tools, nor even an Internet, let alone a World Wide Web.

Still, I feel a bit uneasy. My limited experience with Facebook has been quite benign, viewing humor and snapshots from friends and acquaintances. I seldom ventured beyond this bright circle, never as far as the “Dark Side” of the FB. I know Mark Zuckerberg is allegedly trying to combat the misinformation and misanthropy that has spread through the social network.

On the plus side, a young neighbor of mine, a graphic designer who works for a self-publishing company, who is studying animation and currently is a T.A. for an animation course, has been a great help. Despite her crushingly busy schedule, she’s provided me with some helpful guides, not only on social media, of which I had some awareness, but also other sites that are free or low-cost that might help to get the word out. Plus she’s given me some info on tools dealing with the mysterious “metadata.”

So tomorrow, I’ll be brave and open a Twitter account. I hope to electronically and metaphorically “shout it from the rooftops” when my comic can be purchased!

Stepping into the Unknown
…and Stepping into Fog?
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