9. Cast of Characters: Virtual Man & Zeldoid the Cyberdog


CoC - Virtual Man

The longest story in Multiverse Comics and Stories, is “The Case of the Renegade Refrigerator,” and stars Virtual Man. He’s a wannabe superhero, with no experience. In fact, his past is clouded. Yeah, it’s that old “amnesia” theme. The reason for his confusion eventually is revealed. In the meantime, he’s lucky to have Zeldoid the Cyberdog as his sidekick.

CoC - Zeldoid

Zeldoid has lots of superhero experience with a long list of sidekick gigs. She’s saved the world numerous times, which gives her an itruly mpressive résumé. And she has gained a sound overview of the quirks of the superhero persona.

The first part of the story is mostly a dialog between these two characters, with continually changing scenery. This part is a kind of homage to the old-fashioned comic strip. It more or less follows the traditional “1-2-3-punchline” panel structure, with a few variations. Later in the story, that structure suddenly goes west. Can we call it “post-modernism” instead of just “crazy?”

I’ll be provided more close-ups of the comic characters in future posts.

Yesterday and today, I’ve been trying to fill out all the social media options to better promote the comic. After fooling with Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter, all in rapid succession, I feel like my head is spinning! I’m very grateful for all these ways to promote the comic –marketing has always been a difficult skill for me. I’d much rather just start on the next cartoon or comic.

And while I’m being thankful, I would like to thank my editor, Barbara Crawford. I had never previously considered getting an editor for my stuff. Barbara, who has oodles of experience with all kinds of books, had however, never edited a comic. I am sooooo glad she edited mine! Not only to make the grammar, spelling, and language more consistent, but also for her amazing ability to see the work as a whole, to listen so attentively to what I wanted, and to bring the whole work to a higher level of clarity. She had some wonderful suggestions about the arrangement of the stories and for expanding parts of it. I would heartily recommend her to anyone who has a book of any sort in the works!

Thank you, Barbara!



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