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Most of the adults I know don’t read comics. Who ever you are, reading this now, you probably don’t…read…comics! Am I right?

Did you read them when you were a kid? The 40’s and 50’s, it was a great, great time for kid’s comics. If you don’t believe me, check out this resource: The Toon Treasury of Classic Children’s Comics, selected and edit by Art Spiegelman & Françoise Mouly. I was born in 1948 and was no prodigy –I didn’t start reading comics until the mid-50’s. Some of Carl Bark’s “Donald Duck” and “Uncle Scrooge” and “Gyro Gearloose” comics had often been reprinted many times by the time I got my hands on them. Fortunately for comic fans, Barks had a long career and was still making comics while I was growing up. Many of the comics in the Treasury I knew about when I was a kid, some I found out about later as an adult.

What I’ve tried to do in Multiverse Comics and Stories is to make a kid’s comic for adults, inspired by some of those classic comics of yesteryear. The “cartoony” look (no realism, please!), the flat bright colors, the spirit of whimsy and silliness –all that forged to meandering stories that hopefully communicate a sense of play and nonsense in which a reader with an open heart could find some gentle amusement. It’s over 100 pages and costs $4.99 –sorry, not 10 cents like in the old days. That’s inflation for ya!

The comic is fit for children, by the way. I’ve “rated” the comic for those 12 and over, but I don’t seriously think it would damage younger minds.

If you were ever a kid who enjoyed those old comics, or even if you weren’t even a ghost of a gleam in your parent’s eyes when those comics flourished –I hope you will take the comic for a spin and enjoy the ride.

Here’s the direct link to the comic on comiXology: http://bit.ly/2rkedij

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NOTE: This is a digital comic only. You will need some kind of e-book reader. It ought to be one that can do color, because otherwise, in my humble opinion, you will be missing a lot! A Kindle Fire would work, I guess. If you have a Kindle app (free)  on your phone, tablet or computer that does color, that will work. Or, you can download the free comiXology app for whatever kind of device you have. I read comics on it and I like it. It has a patented program called “Guided View.” You double-tap on a panel and you can view the comic panel-by-panel. Another double-tap will take you out of it. Speaking for myself, it makes reading a comic even on an iPhone a pleasurable experience. It’s just a reader. You buy the comics at the comiXology site, not on the app. To get the app you need for your system, go to the comiXology home page and scroll down to the bottom. You’ll see choice under “Ways to Read.”  If you don’t want to add another #@*%$!+ app to any of your electronic devices, but would still like to buy the comic, let me know by commenting to this blog post. We can probably work something out. In my agreement with comiXology, I retain full rights and I’m able to sell the comic directly. There’s probably some way to sell it directly on this blog. Who knows? I might eventually figure it out.

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