12. The SORT Report


SORT is the first character the reader meets in Multiverse Comics and Stories. His name is an acronym. It stands for Semi-Omnipotent Repair Technician. Is he human? Is he a robot? Is he a member of an ancient race of highly evolved extraterrestrials? Don’t ask me, I’m just the author, and I’m still trying to figure him out. In the first story in the comic, simply called “Prologue,” he has been waylaid by circumstances beyond his control. He’s in a fix, apparently helpless. His “semi-omnipotentcy” seems to be incapable of dealing with his predicament. It takes a visit from Mojo Cat to stir him out of his lethargy and to encourage him to reevaluate his situation –what you might call a metaphorical “kick in the pants.”

If you find this description of any interest, I’m going to try to satisfy your curiosity by providing this full-color, 7-page story free as a .pdf. Use the link below to download the .pdf file:

*Download the “Prologue” from Multiverse Comics and Stories:  Prologue – SORT

In my new role as a comic creator I’m also experimenting with making the story available free to people outside the limited reach of this fledgling blog. Do you know about NoiseTrade? The site provides access to free music and e-books. So I’ve been able to create an author account and provide a link to download the “Prologue.”

I’ve formulated a hypothesis that anyone who likes the “Prologue” will like the comic. So, please, check it out!

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