16. Like, Doodlesville, Man


I’ve been following a blog by Tim Miller called “Words and Silence: Poetry, History, and Mythology.” In a post on Febr

uary 20 of this year, he writes:

…so much of our lives actually can be known with utter certainty: the ups and downs of weather, the performance of our retirement plans and credit scores, how many miles before we run out of gas, how many calories we’ve consumed, and everything online. There is not one imperfect mile, dollar, gigabyte, page, word. In the same way, everyone from advertising agencies, media conglomerates, websites, stores, and political campaigns, now have the ability to collect so much precise and irrefutable data about all of us that it is very hard to believe that we aren’t just numbers and bodies and minds filled with trackable motivations and desires. And the same with so much of practical science and medicine: whether in properly dosing a drug, or knowing the atmospheric makeup of planets millions of miles away, it seems absurd that so many other aspects of life should be so uncertain and even unknowable. And yet they are.

The world, this universe, this multiverse, is despite all our knowledge, an intensely mysterious place! In this posting of mine I’m embedding some more of what I call “Chimera Spoor,” doodles that have just emerged from my pen. I don’t pretend to understand, explain, or justify them. In a small way, perhaps they point to the deep mystery in which we are embedded.

Asleep at the wheel

goofy group

oobop shebam

smoking underwater

speed bumps

mixed message

snot right


Another way to look at the mystery is to look at our own awareness.

“As we throw out the question “What is this?”, we are opening ourselves to the mysterious nature of this moment. We are letting go of our need for knowledge and security. There is no place where we can rest. Our body and mind become a question.”
–Martine and Stephen Batchelor, from their website.

And if you find any of these drawings at all conducive to contemplation of the mystery of existence and consciousness –or even if you don’t, but just like the looks of them –please consider purchasing my comic book, “Multiverse Comics and Stories.”

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