20. Hard Copy and Bucks County Library COMIC CON!

MC&S 33 page 29
Page 29 of “Multiverse Comics and Stories” – from the “Case of the Renegade Refrigerator”

Just found out that my application to the first-ever Bucks County Free Library Comic Con® was accepted. Many, many thanks to Christine Hoffman who alerted me to this event!

When I applied, I wasn’t sure that having a digital edition of my comic only would qualify me for a comics convention. But they’ve given me a spot! Thanks to Emily Knorr, who is managing the event, for this opportunity!

At the same time, I’m happy to announce that my comic now has both a digital and analog version! A hard copy edition of Multiverse Comics and Stories is now available through Amazon.com. If you do a search on either my name, “Scott H Spencer” or the title, “Multiverse Comics and Stories,” both a print and a Kindle version will come up. The print version costs $22 and is in a 7×10 inch format. Both are full-color, but your Kindle will either need to be color-capable or you will need to use a Kindle app on whatever device you choose. The Kindle version, like the comiXology edition, is only $4.99. Both these new versions are slightly different than the original comiXology one. The new ones have 2 “Cast of Character” pages added, the Table of Contents is more colorful and includes a new “Chimera” image, and the acknowledgement page at the end of the book has been edited for clarity.

Please drop by on May 5th at the Doylestown Library on 150 S. Pine St. (18901) anytime from 10:30 to 3:30 pm to see me. If all works out, I will have some hard copies to sell as well as this postcard (for one thin dime):

VM postcard - front
VM Postcard (front)
VM postcard - back
VM Postcard (back)

Hope to see you there!

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