24. Blogging Live from Comic Con at the Bucks County Free Library

Doodle just created at the Comic Con…

Here I am in front of my table, photo courtesy of fellow comics creator, Daniel Elisii. Please check out his work.

My display is courtesy Cameron McMillan! Yesterday, waiting as usual until the last minute, I finally began to ponder –what could my table look like?

I googled some Comic Con images and was a bit overwhelmed. Then I saw some images from a mini-comic by Mark Monlux, “Stickman’s Tips for Having a Table at a Comic Book Convention.”

He suggested getting a little gadget that enables doing credit card transactions on a smartphone. Well, I couldn’t resist getting such a doohickey when I found out they were relatively cheap and available at Staples. When I was there I spotted a folding cardboard display that reminded me of grade school science projects. One side was white and the other red. On impulse I got it.

When I came home, Cameron, my wife, went to work. She organized everything, made some great signs and had some wonderful suggestions. Thank you, Cameron!

I also got to meet a 10-year old comic creator named Ava, displaying her limited edition of “Mind Blowing Comics!” (Vol. 3). Her work is funny and expressive. She’s far ahead of where I was at her age. Good luck, Ava!

Comic fans of the world, take heed! If you are in the area (or even if you’re not), please drop by. I’ll be here at the Doylestown branch of the Bucks County Free Library, 150 S. Pine St., Doylestown, PA 18901-4932. U NEEDA COMIC!

Cosplay at Comic Con

Cosplay at Comic Con

Many thanks to Christine Hoffman for dropping by and chatting, not to mention providing some delicious citrus!

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