39. Multiverse & “Whatever”

The last two pages of the first story in “Multiverse Comics and Stories.” NEXT TIME: A short introduction to Virtual Man and Zeldoid the Cyberdog.

John Scalzi, if you don’t already know, is the Hugo Award-winning and best-selling science fiction author.

His popular blog, “Whatever,” gives a fascinating glimpse of what life is like for a successful writer and is characteristically honest and humorous.

The “Whatever Holiday Gift Guide” has become a tradition. Mr. Scalzi generously provides an opportunity for other writers, craftspeople, and charities to post information on the Whatever blog. The 2018 Gift Guide is currently in progress and the schedule is as follows:

Dec. 3: Traditionally Published Books
Dec. 4:Non-Traditionally Published Books
Dec. 5:Other Creators
Dec. 6: Fan Favorites
Dec. 7: Charitable Giving

Comic books are allowed with novels, anthologies, and nonfiction and so I’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to put in a word (and a few images) for the “Multiverse” comic under “Non-Traditionally Published Books.”

If you are interested in science fiction, I highly recommend Mr. Scalzi’s work and to get a sense of his life follow his blog which includes, among many other things, pictures of his lovely wife and daughter and a variety of impressive cats, including an irresistible kitten named Smudge.

And if you are looking for a unique present for friends or family go to “Whatever” and find the “Whatever 2018 Holiday Gift Guide.”

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