46. Rocket-Powered Flying Robot Buzz Saws

mc&s 25 page 21

mc&s 26 page 22

mc&s 27 page 23

mc&s 28 page 24

Four more pages of “The Case of the Renegade Refrigerator.” In this segment, Virtual Man, unproven but undaunted wanna-be superhero prepares for a re-match with a “Rocket-Powered Flying Robot Buzz Saw.” Last time he didn’t come off so well, trying to combat the infernal device with “super-denial,” which also seems to be one of President Trump’s superpowers, at least in regard to climate change.

When you’re a billionaire, presumably if things get too bad you can hunker down in a luxurious climate-controlled bunker. Of course, if all the rest of the human race gets wiped out who will provide the Commander-in-Chief with his fast food?

It behooves us all to pause and reflect* before every meal how much we owe our food, clothing, shelter, and medicine to the whole global human community. We need each other, people!

Next time we’ll see if Virch can come up with the goods.**

* Plug for the comic currently in progress. “Pause & Reflect Comics” will have poems, nonsensical improvisations, eternal dharmic truths, and an ongoing story detailing what happens when a Nebboid from the Vague Nebula considers the teachings of an earthling who lived some 2500 years ago – the guy they call the Buddha. Sounds like a laugh riot, right? Don’t hold your breath, but it’s on my bucket list.

**By the way, if you can’t stand the suspense and want to see how the big rumble between Virtual Man and the Robot Flying Buzz Powered Rocket Saws, I mean, the Rocket-Powered Flying Robot Buzz Saws, go to Amazon.com. Buy a print or Kindle copy of “Multiverse Comics and Stories,” one profoundly silly 100-page, full-color comic. Just sayin.’

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