47. Fly-Powered Buzzing Rubber Boxcars

mc&s 29 page 25

mc&s 30 page 26

mc&s 31 page 27

I mean, of course, “Rocket-Powered Flying Robot Buzz Saws.” (See posting no. 46 unless you prefer to be baffled.)

Virtual Man has finally proved his worth as a superhero (I mean, c’mon, how many super-powered types can change chainsaws to bunnies? Not even the Avengers can do that…well, maybe Dr. Strange. But the good doctor probably would come up with a different solution. “By the Vapors of Voltorr, I banish these malefic machines to domain of the Dreaded Dormammu,” or something like that.). And let’s not bring the Avengers into this, OK? Things are confusing enough as they are.

Anyway, Virch has passed the basic superhero litmus test of resolving a menacing crisis. Immediately, without much preamble, he unveils maybe his most potent power -access to the infinite possibilities of the Multiverse.

Actually, come to think of it, back when we first introduced Virch, back in posting no. 41, (“Introducing Virtual Man”), he sent the dire supervillain, The Discombobulator, to some kind of Julie Andrews “Sound of Music” universe.

But let’s banish distractions to the Fifth Dimension (alternatively, you could go the other way and check out posting no. 45, “Phony Physics and the Fifth Dimension“).

Virch takes loyal sidekick Zeldoid the Cyberdog to an alternate Earth, a pollution-free paradise. Clean air, clean water, no EPA trying to degrade the environment. No Donald Trump, no Roger Stone. No terrorists, no serial killers, no mass-murderers, no racism, no sexism. Rest assured that even the Dicombobulator isn’t there. His ideal alpine paradise is in a different universe. I’m allowed to know that because I made up all these screwy characters.

No people.

It’s an ideal vacation spot, but you wouldn’t want to live there, would you? Like I mentioned last time, people need people!

Still if there really is an infinite multiverse, it’s kind of nice to think that there’s a pristine planet Earth out there somewhere.

Next time: get ready for some action-packed excitement as Virch and Zeldoid…uh, watch TV.

Well, it’s TV from alternate universes. There’s infinite channels so not even Comcast or your satellite dish can get them.

Speaking of TV, if you want to “binge-watch” all of the exciting adventures of Virtual Man and Zeldoid, you can buy a copy of “Mutiverse Comics and Stories” at Amazon.com either in print or in Kindle.


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