59. Family Funnies

MC&S 69 page 65

MC&S 70 page 66

MC&S 71 page 67
Three more pages of “The Case of the Renegade Refrigerator,” as the story cruises to its conclusion. Quakor the Space Duck, intrepid agent of the Galactic Bureau of Investigation and Superfrog, the mysterious amphibian from another galaxy (or maybe universe), discuss forms of interplanetary transport, while we finally get to see what’s happened to the missing Virtual Man, whose place in our universe has been usurped by the mysterious SORT (Semi-Omnipotent Repair Technician). Whether you’ve been following the whole story or not, you might be a bit confused at this point, but stick with us. All will be resolved.

I had intended to point to the work of another celebrated “art comics” creator, John Porcellino, a mini-comics innovator and distributor and friend to Julie Doucet, the artist described in Chimera Spoor post no. 57.

But I’m feeling too lazy to do the subject proper justice so instead, I’m just going to post the images from a hand-drawn and colored birthday card I just did for my nephew.

Michael BDay 19 side 1
Image on side one of the home-made birthday card.
Michael B-Day19 side 2
The inside image of the card. Below this, it says “Have a Super-Powered birthday!”

This is the sort of thing I’ve been doing for family and friends since forever. There were times in my life when it was the only cartooning I was doing. It kept my skills from completely atrophying. “Family Funnies” kept the cartoon spark alive.

NEXT TIME: I will hopefully have more ambition and will point the reader to the creator of King Cat Comics, which began back in 1989. Plus, Mr. Porcellino is a Zen Buddhist! I’ll also include more pages of “The Case of the Renegade Refrigerator.” In fact, the mythical Renegade Refrigerator will at long last be sighted!

P.S. If anyone who reads this is presently located in Philadelphia, you can now purchase a beautiful full-color copy of “Multiverse Comics and Stories” which includes “The Case of the Renegade Refrigerator” in its entirety at Weaver’s Way Mercantile in Mt. Airy. The Mercantile is open Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm. There’s lots of other cool stuff as well!

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