63. Computer Co-Fusion


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Bozobots are everywhere among us! They look just like us “normal” human beings, but you, o fortunate reader, have the discerning perception to see them for what they really are –highly programmed automatons! How can our leadership protect us from the Bozobot invasion when they, apparently unknowingly, are part of the problem? “Invasion of the Bozobots” is the second major story in “Multiverse Comics and Stories.” See below to get your very own copy. “Be the first kid on your block, etc.”


Invasion of the Bozobots” was a breakthrough story for me. I’ve previously noted this disparity between the deliberate, illustrative cartooning I do and the doodles that seem at times to ooze out of me without much conscious deliberation. Some of the doodles created this way are not only more spontaneous, but also more imaginative, relaxed, and interesting (IMHO).

In “Invasion of the Bozobots” I pieced together a somewhat non-linear story from a lot of crazy doodles.

I’ve lost sight that integrating the spontaneity with the more deliberate illustration of a story was a top priority goal for me. So it’s helpful to be reminded by the Bozobots.

Bozobots do figure in to Pause & Reflect Comics, my current comic project, by the way.

But to get to the point of this post, what the *#@! does “Computer Co-Fusion” mean? I’m word-playing on the last post, “Comic Confusion” but the broader meaning is that I now have two computers in my studio, working (more or less) in tandem.

I’ve kept the old Mac mini mostly because it has a version of Photoshop that I greatly rely on for comic creation. You can’t buy Photoshop these days, you can only subscribe. Since I’ve got a version (admittedly old, but still chock full of plenty of comic-making “nuts and bolts”), and also because I’m cheap (I’m a poor old retired geezer living on a fixed income, remember), I don’t want to pay for something I’ve already got.

But we did get a new Mac mini with plenty o’ power, plus a new external hard drive, plus a small Wacom graphic tablet. We’ve got file-sharing between the two Macs and I’ve found a wonderful free painting software replacement for the new Mac. It’s called Krita.

I’ve just started learning it, but at least some of the functions feel intuitive. I’ve also found a free vector drawing program that I was actually able to install on the old Mac called Inkscape. I never learned Adobe Illustrator and I’ve learned that a vector program has some advantages over a pixel-based painting program.

So together with the Wacom tablet and just getting familiar with the new set-up, I’ve got loads of learning ahead! Hopefully, I can find time to do some comics!

Many thanks to Adam Rice of Ask Adam, Mac and iOS consultant. We could never have managed this “computer co-fusion” without his expertise. I highly recommend him, especially since he is a “Nib” subscriber and really knows his comics!

More Bozobots next time and who knows what else.

Multiverse Comics and Stories is available in hard copy and Kindle versions here>>. This is a full-color, 106-page comic that includes all kinds of goofy characters including a cyberdog, winged bunnies, and flying bananas.

Asteroid Stu and the Mind-Duel is a 54-page, black and white comic that also has a cyberdog and Edzl, the extraterrestrial and is a prequel of sorts for MC&S. It’s also available in hard copy and Kindle versions. See more here>>.


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