64. Wondrous Woodring

MC&S 85 page 81

MC&S 86 page 82
Two more pages of “Invasion of the Bozobots,” one of the stories in “Multiverse Comics and Stories.” See below for more information.

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for over a year now and haven’t mentioned Jim Woodring.

His work is unique, hallucinatory, and utterly remarkable. The comics of Woodring I’m familiar with are wordless, taking place in a universe unlike anything you are likely to have ever seen. Perhaps the best glimmer of the otherworldliness of his work is this Japanese black and white animation closely based on his drawings.

This is a panel from The Portable Frank, p.23, which conveys somewhat Woodring’s amazing hatching technique.

Here is graphics and comics luminary Chris Ware on The Portable Frank:

“This book is something of a redundancy, as Jim Woodring’s stuff is already ‘portable,’ entering the eyes, dividing through the brain like planar, and growing new heads and eyespots ever after, guaranteed, for the life of the user. If there’s another comic artist alive today who’s trying to feel eternity within the universal rhythms, gestures and silent music of the corporeal, self-deluding persona, I don’t want to hear about it. Jim Woodring has it covered.”

Here’s a quote from Jim Woodring himself, found on the IMDb:

“I’m not a freak. I’m not really crazy or anything. I don’t think I’m really abnormal. It’s just, like anybody else, I have interests I cultivate, and one of my interests is not getting too used to things. I’ve sacrificed a lot of things in my life in order to keep up that sense of things being unfamiliar.”

The Wikipedia entry on Woodring notes, by the way, that he is a follower of Vedanta and a meditator.

As the Buddha teaches, if we are alive to the present moment and our perception is freed from mental constructions and conditioning, we can see the world with fresh eyes. May we all cultivate such a sense of wonder!

Jim Woodring’s latest book is Poochytown. I haven’t got a copy yet, but intend to soon!

Next Time: I plan to write about a book I just finished, How to Make Webcomics.

MC&S-72 Multiverse Comics and Stories, 106 pages, full color, is available from Amazon in Kindle and hardcopy formats.

AS&MD-72 Asteroid Stu and the Mind-Duel, 54 pages, black and white interior, is also available in Kindle and hardcopy formats from Amazon. Both comics include Edzl, the Nebboid from the Vague Nebula, who will be the lead character in a running feature story, “Edzl’s Awakening: Or, Yes We Have Some Nibbanas.”


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