74. Alien Abduction by Aliens

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Asteroid Stu and the Mind-Duel” continues. Are you fed up and tired of this miserly, piecemeal doling out of a few pages at a time of this fascinating comic classic?  Be the first kid on your block to own the entire comic! You’ll be the envy of all those in your ultra-cool social circle. Find out more at the bottom of this post.

The invasion of Earth by the Nebboid Space Armada has been called off due to lack of enthusiasm, or possibly a sudden realization of the mess it would create for fun-loving Nebboids. Only Earthlings of a particular deluded nature would want to involve themselves in such a military quagmire. The galaxy’s other sentient species are too wise for such an ill-omened venture. Take my word for it.

The Nebboid fleet decides to take a vacation instead, on the pleasure planet Prill, a hedonistic, heavenly haven if ever there was one, famous among extraterrestrials everywhere.

Edzl, who was secretly dropped off on Earth to serve as advance scout for the invasion, is the one responsible for their sudden change of mind. Somebody in the Nebboid chain of command actually analyzed Edzl’s candid telepathic report on the nature of Earth and the humans who are despoiling it and wised up the Nebboid High Admiral.

But they skedaddled without picking up Edzl! Is that gratitude for you? Never mind. Before Norbert the Wiener, cyberdog extraordinaire (disguised as a mild-mannered ordinary dog named Ralph), destroyed Edzl’s interstellar beacon (as we saw last time), some other party has noticed the beacon’s signal and hastened to Edzl’s location. They seem to be willing to take on passengers — or is something more sinister intended?


I also wanted to add some links to remarkable graphic works I’ve recently read. One is Songy of Paradise,” by Gary Panter. Panter is a remarkable cartoonist, artist, and designer who won three Emmys for set designs for the television show, “Pee-wee’s Playhouse.” “Songy in Paradise” references Dante’s Paradisio, Milton’s “Paradise Regained,” and features a dinosaurlike Satan versus a hillbilly on a vision quest. The book is a oversized, black-and-white hardback, totaling 40 pages. The link to the New Yorker interview with Panter provides a substantial sample of the work.

Big Questions, Or Asomatognosia: Whose Hand Is It Anyway?, by Anders Brekhus Nilsen is also black-and-white, but is 592 pages long. You can really see the work and the skill of the artist evolve as the book develops. I found some of the drawings to be astonishing.

Both of these books are in the borrowing collection of the Free Library of Philadelphia.

AS&MD-72  Asteroid Stu and the Mind-Duel, 54 pages, black and white interior, is also available in Kindle and hardcopy formats from Amazon. Both comics include Edzl, the Nebboid from the Vague Nebula, who will be the lead character in a running feature story, “Edzl’s Awakening: Or, Yes We Have Some Nibbanas.” This will be part of Pause & Reflect Comics, currently in progress.

MC&S-72 Multiverse Comics and Stories, 106 pages, full color, is available from Amazon in Kindle and hardcopy formats.


2 thoughts on “74. Alien Abduction by Aliens

  1. It looks to me like you’re doing great. (I’ve always been fond of Mutant Dachsunds) And thanks for the links to the other books.


    1. All the mutant dachshunds I know are stellar, I agree. Thanks for the encouragement!


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