3. Introduction

An amalgam of nonsense, silliness, extraterrestrials, cyberdogs, weirdos (including humans), all seasoned with a bit of BuddhaDharma.

Last time: #2, “Flying Dreams and Dedication

Welcome to the introduction to Pause & Reflect Comics! The goofy-looking bald guy is me, Scott Spencer, the comic character responsible for this concoction. Don’t worry about footnotes — they’re the sign of an obsessive/compulsive. I don’t really expect anyone to look up citations to the Pali canon. And don’t worry about any unfamiliar characters. You’ll either be introduced later on or you won’t.

I’ve already got complaints about Pause & Reflect Comics, namely that the words are too small to read on a phone. It’s true! If you have a desktop computer, a laptop, or a tablet, you are likely to find the comic more intelligible. The type is already considerable larger using this panel-by-panel sort of slideshow than it was on my serialization of my two previous comics here on Chimera Spoor. [Since writing this, I’ve adjusted the text. I’ve found the text legible except for the teeny print on the slide show’s last picture in post no. 1, “A New Webcomic.” I’ve posted a larger separate image of that picture for those who are interested.] Thanks for the feedback! Keep those comments coming in!

Of course, you are always welcome to see previous comics — they do have some bearing on Pause & Reflect. (See below.) If you are feeling affluent, you can purchase hard copies or Kindle versions from the Amazon behemoth. Then you can use your Sherlock Holmes-type magnifying glass or maybe some heavy-duty reading glasses.

But it’s a point well taken. I’ll think about it. Thanks for the feedback!

Buy a copy in print or Kindle format. Just click HERE>>
Buy a copy of this one too while you’re at it, right HERE>>

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