5. Klargog Space Pirates!

Welcome to Chimera Spoor’s current WEBCOMIC! It’s an amalgam of nonsense, silliness, extraterrestrials, cyberdogs, weirdos (including humans), all seasoned with a bit of BuddhaDharma.

Last time: “Holiday Hiatus

The Awakening of Edzl, Or, Yes, We Have Some Nibbanas,” is Pause & Reflect Comic’s feature story. The word “Nibbana” is the Pali version of the more familiar Sanskrit word, “Nirvana.” Do I have to explain the play on words? Does everyone out there know of the ancient song, “Yes, We Have No Bananas?” If not, click the link for a rendition by someone named Billy Jones, recorded in 1923. You don’t have to suffer through the whole song, or maybe you’ll like it. Who knows?

So what is nirvana or nibbana? That (even if I could explain it, which I can’t) would be getting ahead of things. Very important stuff though, you betcha!

If you are curious as to how Edzl, advance scout for the Nebboid Space Armada, in Asteroid Stu and the Mind-Duel, became elevated to the highest rank in the Nebboid Navy, the answer lies in Multiverse Comics and Stories. See below for how to obtain these precious comic masterpieces. If you are curious as to why the “ceremonial” space navy of the peace-loving Nebboids set their sights on the planet Earth as a target to add to their empire, so are we, but like the meaning of nirvana, the machinations behind the invasion plans will also take some time to unfold.

If you are not curious about any of this, go away! Or wake up and read some comics! Don’t make the serious mistake of being curious only about things that are important. Don’t you realize the universe is continually getting curiouser and curiouser? You are part of the universe. Maybe you should be getting curiouser too!



Multiverse Comics and Stories is a full-color, 106-page collection of craziness obtainable HERE>>
Asteroid Stu and the Mind-Duel is sane by comparison, or maybe not. Anyway, get it HERE>>

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