11. “Still Forest Pool”

Pause & Reflect Comics is a hodge-podge of comics, including bits of comic fragments from other universes, poems, extraterrestrials, cyberdogs, artificial intelligences, mythological beings, hallucinations, and silliness — all flavored with a dash of BuddhaDharma.


LAST TIME: No. 10 – Crusin’ the Looneyverse!

Edzl and Pretzl, Nebboids from the Vague Nebula, are on their way to our solar system. The distance they need to cover is 2,000 light-years! The Nebboid way of getting around the limitations of the speed of light is to take a shortcut through an alternate universe, known as the “Looneyverse,” where the speed of light is much faster. Join them as they continue their journey through this bizarre realm.

In our last episode, Edzl and Pretzl puzzled over the Nebboid Space Navy’s ill-considered and aborted plan to invade earth some seven terran years ago. As recounted in Multiverse Comics and Stories (SEE BELOW), the invasion was called off because Edzl alerted Admiral Bumbl that the dreaded Rhombulans were at the edge of the solar system, ready to destroy it entirely, turn it into quantum dust with their fearsome weapons! The Nebboid armada skidaddled and Admiral Bumbl was so shaken up and grateful to Edzl that the Admiral immediately retired and appointed Edzl high Admiral of the Nebboid Space Navy!

Since then, Admiral Edzl captured the notorious Klargog Space Pirates (see Episode 6, “Taking a Space-Walk Without a Suit.” But the Nebboid High Council found Edzl’s methods so startling, they insisted on his resignation. (That’s bureaucracies for ya!) Edzl is determined to unravel the mystery of how such an unlikely scheme as invading Earth ever got as far as it did. Edzl feels there is a connection between this mystery and the Nebboid traitor, Kurdl, who conspired with the space pirates, but somehow vanished from the Nebboid high security prison. When Edzl tried to talk to the former Admiral at bee’s estate, he discovered the Admiral had ceased to exist! He had undergone a enigmatic Nebboid ritual known as “Embracing Nothingness.” The Embrace requires a partner and as Edzl discovered, the Admiral’s partner was none other than the elusive Kurdl!

If you are still confused to what the heck is going on, or even if you aren’t, you might want to revisit the last episode. If not, plunge ahead into the next segment:


I’d like to share three “graphic essays” from The Nib, the wonderful cartoon newsletter I receive daily (for a mere $4/month – please consider supporting their efforts by subscribing to one of their plans):

They’ve Always Been Watching Us,” by Andy Warner and Jess Parker, originally published on July 10, 2017.

The Great Debate: Martin Luther King, Jr. vs Robert F. Williams,” by Ben Passmore, published February 10, 2020.


This is a copy of the valentine Cameron will receive tomorrow (plus some personal stuff). It harks back nostalgically to the kind of valentines I used to get and receive in grade school, many eons ago. They featured corny puns like “Lettuce Be Valentines” and always had cartoony personifications. This impulse to personify animals, vegetables, and even minerals gained tremendous energy with early animated cartoons, including, but not limited to Walt Disney’s early cartoons. When I was a kid I was totally mesmerized by some of these cartoons which always featured music. The music was the popularized dance music of the period, strongly jazz-influenced. Often, there was a crooner-type vocal involved. The images have really influenced my cartoon style. Robert Crumb, famous “underground” cartoonist of the 60’s used an ironic version of this style to great advantage, which also became a big influence on me. Hey! I’ve managed to take a valentine and turn it into a mini-essay on cartoon history!

Speaking of “cartoony” valentines, here’s a great collection of contempo-retro valentines also from The Nib:

My Nervous Valentine,” by Gemma Correll, published February 13, 2020.


The mysteries are just getting thicker! Hang in there, dear reader! In the following episode of “Pause & Reflect Comics,” we will peer briefly into the Simulated Ivory Tower at Eyecue and his remarkable creation, Iris, an artificial intelligence who is his co-researcher, the SIT manager, and Eyecue’s tireless assistant. Iris and Eyecue are preparing for the Nebboids imminent arrival.

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4 thoughts on “11. “Still Forest Pool”

  1. I really like the intro page to #10 Crusin’ the Looneyverse, with the flashing background pictures. Also, with this format I can enlarge the screen and read everything even without a magnifying glass and with cataracts! It looks great!


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