1. Chimera Spoor Comix


Coming soon…or maybe not so soon. Anyway, coming sometime. How’s that for suspense?

I’ve had time to reflect, and the thing about “Pause & Reflect,” — the previous webcomic upon which I’ve lavished so much time and energy — the thing that bugs me the most, is that I put myself in the position of being some kind of dharma teacher. I’ve had 20-some years of daily meditation practice, a bunch of retreats, some powerful courses, been a long-time Philadelphia Meditation Center sangha member, read piles of books, listened to many hours of dharma talks, but all the same, I’m not trained as a teacher. I’ve finally realized I don’t want to be in that position.

The new comic (with a new, reconfigured Chimera) will doubtless reflect (that word seems to crop up a lot) my world view which has been altered forever by the impact of the Buddha’s teachings, but I won’t be pushing it at anyone in the same way.

Pause & Reflect” was a great teacher to me! I’ve learned more specifically what I love about making comics and I hope to bring that into “Chimera Spoor Comix.”

There’s always a real “honeymoon” period when I’m starting a new project. The ideas come fast and furious at times and they all seem so entrancing. Then you get to the part where you have to make them solid. The honeymoon is over! That doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship has gone sour, but it does mean it will take a lot of hard (but fun) work to make this vision relatively real.

I’m in no big hurry to produce, but I hope to bring some of these ideas to fruition in the coming months. When I do, I’ll wave a metaphorical flag and hope to get your attention. For all the supporters who have provided encouragement, my heartfelt thanks.

Hope everyone out there is healthy and safe. The New York Times is doing an excellent cluster of articlesM on how the pandemic is exposing the flaws in our society — flaws many of us already knew about — and what we can do to fix our country. Please read “The America We Need,” by the NYT Editorial Board.

Nicholas Krystoff, who is an opinion columnist for the NYT also has a piece that highlight the courage and dedication of our health care workers. This piece includes a 6-minute video that gives you a glimpse into a beleaguered NYC hospital. See “Life and Death in the Hot Zone.

Multiverse Comics and Stories, is a 106-page, full-color comic available in both hard copy and Kindle versions HERE>>
Asteroid Stu and the Mind-Duel, 54-page black-and-white comic with a color cover, is available in hard copy and Kindle versions HERE>>

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