I think I’ve got a new method of working that suits. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. I’m making it up as I go and I’m having a lot of fun! This episode has a lot of words and more plot than the other three. I imagine that I may get to a place where the words are more sparse, but we’ll see.

Like Y-Man, I’ve given up trying to figure out the why of the webcomic and I’m just along for the ride. Sometimes I just seem to be a channel for the drawing and it flows. Then I just tinker with color, pattern, placement, and dialog. I have some drawings and some notions of how they might combine into a webcomic, but they never turn out like I expect. And completely unexpected stuff happens. Sometimes I don’t even know how something came into being! If I don’t like it, I just keep fiddling with it until I do.

I don’t really have any notion of whether anyone out there will get into this stuff. I hope so, but I’m not going to worry about it. Eventually, it might all come together as a printed comic book – or not.

Hope you drop in whenever a new episode is posted and together maybe we’ll figure out what the Looneyverse is all about.

Multiverse Comics and Stories, is a 106-page, full-color comic available in both hard copy and Kindle versions HERE>>
Asteroid Stu and the Mind-Duel, 54-page black-and-white comic with a color cover, is available in hard copy and Kindle versions HERE>>

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